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Straps for your glasses. So you won't lose your shade.

About Sol Chains

Edgy straps for glasses that look cool and work like a charm. The idea was born during an après-ski sesh, with the sun - or Soleil - beaming down, sitting at the picnic tables out front of the lodge, running in and out to grab fresh pitchers of beer. The ease of throwing sunglasses on and off wasn't available, but neither was throwing them on your head while wearing a 'toque' - yes, we were in Canada. So whether you're paddle boarding and don't want to end up S.O.L. if they fall off, or your are touring downtown London spilling in and out of dark pubs while the sun shines, or you're just looking for extra steeze at the festival, Sol Chains are for you. 

The brand offers a wide range of products from playful, lightweight and tarnish-resistant aluminum and brass, to luxury 14kt gold and sterling silver, to energy-healing gemstones – all reflecting a high level of quality in their handmade build, invoking attributes of style, edge and energy.


I couldn't help myself!!!

James M., Vancouver